24-Hour Emergency Roadside Fuel Delivery Service in Henderson

During these trying economic times, many people are looking for ways to stretch their dollars further. One of the most effective ways is to get around without driving too much. But this not only saves money on gasoline but also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are emergencies that require you to drive farther than anticipated or expected which results in running out of fuel on the highway. There are several ways to prevent this from happening, including refueling the night before a long trip and regularly checking your gas gauge for optimal levels while traveling. If you do run out while traveling somewhere though it’s important to know what options are available to ensure safety while waiting for assistance.

On the side of the road, try to move your car off of the travel line if possible and come to a safe stop with your hazard lights flashing. If you find yourself unable to move off of the highway then you should not exit until it is safe to do so because even running out of gas on an interstate can be dangerous due to high speeds.

Keep your fuel tank as close to full as possible at all times during travel, no matter how short the trip is planned out to be. Having at least a quarter tank of gas in the car minimizes the amount of fuel that sloshes around while driving, which can cause faulty readings on your gauges. Also, always use premium-grade gasoline when possible because it’s less likely to cause problems during travel

Lastly, have emergency phone numbers programmed into your cell phone before you drive anywhere just in case you get stranded due to running out of fuel. When you run out of fuel the team at Henderson Towing can help you today. Call the best tow truck in Henderson NV by calling Jeff’s Towing Henderson NV.