Heavy Duty Towing / Medium Duty Towing Service in Henderson

Heavy-duty towing is a specific form of towing that applies only to trucks and other larger vehicles. Jeff’s Towing provides medium and heavy-duty towing, 24/7/365 for any vehicle ranging from 18 wheelers down to the smallest of sedans. Jeff’s Towing ensures that all proper precautions are taken while providing this service in order to ensure that the customer gets back on the road as soon as possible without compromising safety.

The first step in a heavy-duty tow starts with Jeff’s Towing hooking onto your truck or car with a specialized set of chains and hooks. Once Jeff’s Towing has hooked onto your vehicle, they carefully drive it so that it does not cause further damage either by hitting overhanging branches or damaging your home as Jeff’s Towing carefully backs the vehicle onto your property. Jeff’s Towing takes every precaution so that you incur as little damage as possible through towing or maneuvering of your damaged vehicle.

Once Jeff’s Towing has successfully backed the truck onto your driveway, they will then use a set of hydraulic jacks and chains to lift and carry the heavy-duty vehicle. Jeff’s Towing offers this service both with and without lights depending on whether or not Jeff’s Towing needs to travel down dark roads in order to get back into town. They offer service 24 hours a day 365 days a week throughout Henderson NV, Boulder City, Paradise NV, Enterprise NV, Sunrise Manor NV. Jeff’s Towing ensures that all customers get the right service, even if Jeff’s Towing has to extend their service area in order to accommodate customers that are outside of Jeff’s Towing normal range.

Once Jeff’s Towing has gotten the vehicle where it needs to go, your repair shop can then dismantle the vehicle. They’ll dismantle vehicles using hand tools so they can get into every crevice possible without needing additional equipment. Your Repair Shop of choice disassembles your car or truck down to its individual components and packages these components up individually before allowing you to get and drive your car away.


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