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We are a top-rated, award-winning towing company servicing the Junction City area. We provide fast and reliable service for your convenience 24/7 at no extra cost! Our staff has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of their industry so you can rest assured knowing that we will get any job done right — quickly. Whether it’s roadside assistance with a flat tire or heavy machinery recovery after natural disaster strikes; our licensed mechanics have seen it all before which means there is nothing they cannot handle when faced with unusual problems on-site.

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    We are ready to serve you! Jeff’s Towing Junction City can handle standard car tows as well as heavy-duty trucks. If it’s long-distance vehicle transport that you need, talk with us about our fleet of reliable vehicles and trained staff who will send out a truck nearest your location so the job gets done right away–or if there is no other way but by foot (that would be just fine too), then we’ll do whatever needs doing until help arrives on the scene. Our company specializes in medium-heavy duties such as work requests depending upon what best suits customers’ requirements today.

    We specialize in medium and heavy duty tow, as well as long distance vehicle transport.

    If you’re looking for Junction City2 tow, towing truck or Junction City2 towing/Junction City3 towing, we are ready to serve you 24hrs/day, 365 days/year.

    Jeff’s Junction City Towing is committed to being the quickest, most dependable, and professional company you can ever hope to deal with. Our central location means that we are only minutes away from any road in need of assistance whether it’s an accident or something less serious such as tire change/repair! At JBT all calls will always receive prompt attention which reflects our utmost priority for each customer situation; whether this involves helping out after car trouble has struck, an accident occurred, or a tire needs to be changed we are ready to help. We get you back on your feet quickly and easily, no matter what kind of problem has arisen. With 24/7 roadside assistance available at any time for everyone who needs it (whether that be due to an accident or something smaller), there truly isn’t another better option than calling us first when faced with car trouble this year

    We’re waiting right now until YOU decide whether we’ll help out by coming over directly so all events can transpire smoothly without hassle whatsoever.

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    Tow Truck Services in Junction City

    RV Towing Service

    We at Jeff’s Towing Junction City pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and professional towing company in this area. Our fleet consists of two “grim reaper” trucks, which specialize specifically for RV tows as well as Semi Truck Tows and Buses! The summer months are always busy with traffic due to an abundance of people who own RVs, but it doesn’t phase us because we have got what you need when your vehicle needs some help-our bigger riggers can handle anything from 35k – 80+ tons worth (depending).

    We’re open 24/7 365 days per year so give us a call today if there’s any trouble with your recreational vehicle.

    The drivers at Jeff’s Towing Junction City are all highly trained and competent and must keep up with semi-annual training as well as constant reviews. They’re ready to serve you whether your vehicle is over 40K lbs or not! So don’t hesitate, call us for any Heavy Duty Tow needs because these guys know what they’re doing

    The staff here has years of experience working on big rigs – which makes sense since this company specializes in helping people who’ve had accidents involving large trucks like yours (or even just heavy traffic). If something bad happened today while driving home after work then hopefully one call to us will be enough.

    Roadside Assistance Service

    We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – no matter what part of Junction City you’re in. We never sleep and our services don’t stop for anything! If your car breaks down on the side of an interstate highway or if there’s ever been any other kind of situation where roadside assistance might help out then give us a call because we have everything covered here with our professional dispatch service that will determine exactly how best can serve all customers needs based off their location as well as vehicle type without fail every single time so feel confident knowing it’ll be taken care immediately either way just remember safety is one of our top priorities.

    Jeff’s Junction City Towing Service is here for you if your car has broken down or had an accident. We offer emergency roadside service, local moves, and long-distance tows throughout Idaho! With 24-hour dispatch on call waiting ready at any time of day (or night), we’ll be there fast with a price quote that fits what YOU need to be done. We make sure that our team is available to help you with a free quote for your towing needs.

    Towing has always been a client-based business. If our customer isn’t beyond happy with our tow service, then we can’t stay in business and maintain our fleet and we love employing our staff of towing professionals;  There’s no need to search for Junction City vehicle assistance services when you’ve got Jeff’s Towing Junction City by your side! We’ll meet all of your needs from trunk openers (even ones that are sticking!), tire changes on any make or model–and more!

    No need to search for a tow truck, we’re the only number you’ll need! Whether it’s Junction City or Paradise and whether your vehicle needs assistance in Las Vegas. All our drivers are trained professionals who will meet all of your needs with care—from quick roadside service right up until getting back on track after an accident has been resolved by contacting one (or more) reputable car-towing companies near me like us; Jeff’s Junction City Tow Services

    We can also help if there have been any accidents due not just because someone rear-ended them.

    Traffic Accident and Disabled/Abandoned Vehicle Removal Service

    A traffic accident can be a scary event, but it’s important to know what your first call should be in order to get help. The absolute first thing that you should do is contact law enforcement and let them start their investigation. This will also notify emergency personnel like medical teams or firefighters who may show up at the scene of an incident if it gets worse before they arrive on-site themselves!

    A driver involved with any kind of auto collision shouldn’t just rely upon others for assistance – take care not only yourself by staying calm as possible while waiting patiently.

    After Calling EMS services make sure to give our team at Jeff’s Towing in Junction City a call to ensure we can get to your vehicles as quickly as possible.

    If you are involved in a car accident and need to exit your vehicle, it is important that the person getting out to be aware of their surroundings. The safest thing for them would be if they stay seated with belts securely fastened while waiting on emergency personnel who may not arrive soon enough due to traffic congestion or other conditions which make reaching an incident site difficult.

    A common misconception about accident scenarios has always been whether individuals should get out after occurring so as not to block passageways but this practice can actually create more danger because drivers don’t know what else could be happening around them. Every traffic accident is completely different so there is no right or wrong but staying safe is always the top priority.

    For obvious reasons, there can be circumstances where an involved party could potentially die if they don’t exit the vehicle and move away from their accident. Our trained Towing dispatchers can lend their advice in this area once we are informed as soon as possible about what has occurred – oftentimes after car accidents, people get shook up or confused which is not good for anyone’s safety! People who have been hurt should always be careful when getting out of vehicles because there might still remain injured on-board that may need further medical attention (i.e., another person). After calling our EMS Services in Junction City make sure to call our team at Jeff’s Towing Junction City for a tow truck to help your disabled vehicle.

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    Jeff’s Towing Services of Junction City is the only number you need to know. We can and will meet all your vehicle assistance needs. Towing companies can appear all the same, car towing may seem like a “one size fits all” type of business, but this is not the case. We are the one stop company for all your car towing needs.

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    24/7 Emergency Towing in Junction City

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